Founded in 1991, in Douglas, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Blackford Financial Services was created to manage financial capital intelligently, minimizing risk and increasing the profitability rates of its customers around the world.

Specialized in the Financial Derivatives Market, SWAP, Forward, Futures, Options and OTC issued from companies or High Qualified Stock group hedge, RVC Capital, (trading name of B.F.S), since 2009, works tirelessly to place our investors always at the top.

With a strong penetration in Mercosur, it stood out throughout its trajectory for the outstanding profitability indexes obtained in its transactions, the result of an ethical and responsible work that gave the group the FSA certification – Financial Services Authority of Isle of Man as a class investor 2.



Our pillars provide synergy between investment flows and returns. With a team of highly trained traders, belonging to four of the most respected banks in the international scenario (Barclays, Standard Bank, Lloyds and Isle of Man Bank), we have the EXPERTISE necessary to manage your assets, in an intelligent and optimized way.

We are backed by the most modern in TECHNOLOGY for the preservation of your data and assets, and for greater SECURITY, all the tradings carried out by RVC are guaranteed by HSBC Amanah of Malaysia in the amount of US $ 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million US dollars) on full capital and dividends.

In this way, we guarantee a complete chain for the efficient management of your assets, obtaining EXPONENTIALLY MORE PROFITS than those of the local market.